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Developing Low Carbon Cities in India, China & United States through InterDisplinary Integration across Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Social Sciences and Public Health


Two international meetings has been held in regard with this project. One being the PIRE workshop in the United States from 24 to 26 April 2013 and the other is the PEER Conference in Bangkok, Thailand in the month of October 2013.

Summer School

Based on the development of the project, Summer School training programme was conducted in IIT Kanpur, 2013. National and international students were involved in this summer training course. Subsequent training sessions will be framed to yield benefits to the student community.


Mysore was the first ever Indian city chosen to carry out the project. The response has been overwhelming both at the industrial and the student front. The industrial surveys were carried out by the ROI team which had the students of SJCE as interns. The reporting phase is on at the moment.


Coimbatore is the second in the list of cities chosen for the project. The project is in its survey mode here. Initial steps has been taken like the meetings with Pollution Control Boards, industrial spotting and tracing. Some sectors have been surveyed whereas few more are awaited.  ROI team involved student interns from PCT who shared their efforts in the project. 


Workshops for industries and students has been planned, which will be put into execution on the final project phase.


Reports include the Material Flow Diagram, the survey reports, industrial profiles and the reports from the team involved in the project. This would gradually go up as the project unveils.


The feedback regarding the project and its execution has been acquired from the UMN and Yale Colleagues, the participants of the USAID Bangkok Conference, Summer School participants, the student interns etc.